Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday the 13th skipped a day

So Friday the 13th was actually a good day... I went and saw Michael Jackson's This Is It which I will post about next, however the funny thing is Saturday the 14th was the messed up day!

Saturday November 14, 2009 Events:
- Witnessed a cat dying after getting hit by a car in Salwa (an awful sight... I went back 2minutes later to see if I could do something about it but it had already passed on :( )
- Saw a guy who appeared to be dead stopped at a green light (it was horrifying, the guy had his head tilted back with his mouth open and cars were honking like mad and he didn't budge, I got worried and actually U-turned to see what happened... apparently he was just in deep sleep and was gone by the time I turned :P)
- Saw a car spin-out in front of me on Gulf Road... nothing happened though, he regained control and zoomed off.
- Almost ran out of gas, finished my favorite cologne, listened to crap music on the radio (yeah I know, minor things that happen everyday but worth tying in to the Friday the 13th post :P)

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