Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back from Lebanon!

Back from a 2 week vacation in Lebanon! It was a great 2 weeks, although it was a real scorcher! It was 37 degrees in the mountains! I got to see family and friends, relax, and eat! Every time I go, I try to eat as much good food as possible! This is what I had plus whether it was good or not...
  • Roadster (Hamra): Awesome!
  • Chopsticks (Hamra): Awesome!
  • Bliss House (Bliss St., Hamra): Awesome!
  • Universal Snack (Bliss St., Hamra): Awesome!
  • Dominoes Pizza (Simkaniya): Awesome!
  • Mat3am Joseph (Sin El Fil): Awesome!
  • Tarabeesh Ice Cream (Kfarhim, Al Chouf): Awesome!
  • Scoozi (ABC Ashrafiyeh): Not Bad!
  • Al Dilb Restaurant (Damour): Not Bad!
  • Dardachat (Ain Mraiseh): Meh!
  • KFC (Bekaata): Meh!
  • Mana2eesh Abu Jihad (Baakleen, Al Chouf): Meh
  • Crepaway (Zalka): Blekh!
    • Hard Rock Cafe (Ain Mraiseh): Blekh!

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