Saturday, February 5, 2011

Left Overs 2010

Whatsup 2011?! So I haven't been blogging at all this year... no surprise my excuse is that I've been swamped with work, but I haven't been completely useless and I've still managed to find stuff to snap pictures of in my absence to make my comeback.

I now leave you with "Left Overs 2010" - a collection of stuff I ate that didn't make the blog last year... Enjoy :P

This is a "Surf & Turf" burger from Applebees, looks way better than it tastes.

Ferrero Rocher cake I had at Taste of Kuwait 2010. It was great, I just don't recall which restaurant it was from.

Part of Friday's "Premium Burger" promotion, the first burger above was their Mushroom & Swiss burger while the second one is their Bruscheta burger. The burgers were ok, but the fried portobello mushroom wedges were out of this world!

Awesome sushi from Wasabi at the Avenues. That's Salmon Sashimi, Crunchy Crab and two other rolls I'm not sure of lol

McDonald's Grand Chicken burger... it was pretty huge. Tasted alright too.

I had first tried Fondue Melt Away back at the Taste of Kuwait and it was amazing. Going to the actual place and trying out the rest of their menu was just as good.

Really good seafood platter from Al Noukhaza at the Crowne Plaza.

Subway's new Flat Bread sub... can't really comment since there's the possibility I could get sued :P (Subway Kuwait is owned/operated by the same guys from Benihana)


  1. that all looks d-lish! makes me think of coming to Kuwait just for the food... oh, and you of course :-P

  2. Haha, yeah the food here is awesome. I'll be waiting for ya! ;)