Saturday, June 23, 2012

Best Ice-Cream Sandwich

Everyone loves KDD's ice cream Sandwich. My only gripe with it is that it's got that frozen wrapper/fridge taste that goes along with it. I wanted the real thing, so I was determined to find a place that serves a freshly prepared ice cream sandwich. I decided to try the ice cream sandwich from Nestle Toll House and Potbelly.

Read on for the details of each.

Nestle Toll House (Winner):
The first picture above is from Nestle Toll House - Marina Crescent. You choose two types of cookies (I chose chocolate chip for both) and your ice cream flavor (I chose vanilla). It was kind of hard to eat but the cookies were nice and soft that they folded around the ice cream nicely. It was very messy, my hands and plate were all dripping with melted vanilla but it was OH SO GOOOD!

The second place I tried was Potbelly (pictured below). They also give you the choice of which cookies you'd like (I chose the oatmeal chocolate chip and the double chocolate chip) with vanilla ice cream (not sure if I had the choice of anything else, can't remember). Not only was this hard to eat, the cookies were hard as well. They were also quite thick which made the ice cream squeeze out as you took a bite. The cookies tasted good but aren't meant for an ice cream sandwich.


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