Saturday, February 27, 2010

Legalized chaos!

I've been stuck at home for the past two days... unwilling to leave the security of my home's walls for the ruthless foam jungle out there. You can call me a coward if you like but I learned my lesson exactly a year ago... I actually had to work on National Day, so the morning drive was fine but on my way home is where it all took place!

It usually takes me 12 minutes to get home from work. I pass through a side road off the Sheraton roundabout which I usually cross in under 2 minutes. I got caught in the middle of an all out foam war for a good hour! That's not the bad part... at the end of the jam, two cars were parked horizontally on the road. In my frustration as I was avoiding them to get the EFF outta there, I got my car scratched! I had just gotten my car a month earlier, so I was sooo bummed out! To make matters even worse, a couple of meters away were three cops leaning on their cop cars watching all this unfold! I was thinking to myself ARREST/SHOOT SOMEBODY DAMMIT!

Happy National and Liberation day Kuwait!

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