Sunday, October 25, 2009

The flat tire

So it was a Friday night and I was heading to Salmiya with some friends on the 5th when suddenly we hear this loud helicopter-like noise... we were looking over head to see what's going on so I slowed down and then suddenly the sound got lower. One of my friends was like "Danny, it's your car!" So I hit the flashers and eased my way to the extreme right lane and stopped. The burned rubber smell was a killer.

I honestly never knew that changing a tire was that easy... it literally took us 10 minutes and none of us had ever changed a tire before. I was so surprised that I didn't feel a change in the ride... after the tire ripped I was riding as smoothly as always. Anyway, I felt it was Golfo (my baby's name) telling me, "listen up Dan... you better take better care of me, I just saved your life" So I owed him a nice pampering... new tire, a nice wash and a brand new pine tree air freshener :P

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