Friday, March 19, 2010

Kuwait Speed Cameras for ovi Maps!

I just read Mark's post on 2:48am about being able to find the speed cameras in Kuwait with his Garmin GPS device. He also posted a link to the file with the camera POIs (Points of Interest) which I was able to convert it to a file for Nokia's ovi Maps! You just download the file and send it to your phone, it will list the cameras, then choose Options > Save > All and ta-da, you've got your very own camera radar on your Nokia phone! Get it here!

You see all those stars up there? 137 of those are speed cameras in Kuwait :P


  1. Hi there
    Tried to open then send but no luck!
    It comes up as a .lmx file and my Mac can't open it
    Any suggestions?

  2. Hey Marisa,

    Your Mac won't be able to open it because the file is only recognized by Nokia phones.
    So after you download the file to your Mac, Bluetooth it to your phone and your phone will be able to open it, then you just follow the steps up top.

    Let me know how it goes :)

  3. Hello again
    This is the bit where you think you're dealing with a total twit as I cannot work out how bluetooth the file!
    When I Ctrl click the file I don't get an option to send it
    It's on my desktop but I also tried from Finder and get the same options..none of which are "send"
    Thanks for your help..

  4. Ok, i'm not very familiar with Mac cuz I'm a PC guy... but apparently you need to use Spotlight (magnifying glass in the top right corner) to search for Bluetooth. First thing you should get is Bluetooth File Exchange. Click that and it should be "user friendly" enough from there on to get the file on your phone lol

  5. Hey
    You clever thing you
    It worked
    I clicked on the bluetooth logo on the top tool bar then selected "send file" and followed the instuctions
    My last question is....will it give a warning when driving with navigation?
    Thanks a lot for this!

  6. Glad it worked!

    It won't pop up and warn you, but if you've got your navigation on, you'll see the star on the road you're on... that way you'll know its coming up.